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Suzuki Dr. D Standard Exhaust Systems Dubach Racing, 4-Stroke Pipes, Dr. D Exhaust, Exhaust Pipes, Suzuki Exhaust -

Suzuki Dr. D Standard Exhaust Systems

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Dr. D

Suzuki Dr. D Standard Exhaust Systems

Identical performance to the Carbon Fiber + Titanium exhaust above but made of more durable and slightly heavier materials. Without question the most durable Dr. D exhaust available, this is the preferred exhaust for weekend warriors and off-road racers. When properly packed it meets the AMA required 99dB sound test and will pass the 94dB sound test with a quiet insert installed. Easily serviceable and includes a spark arrestor.

Dubach Racing Development sets the aftermarket standard with racing components specifically developed and track tested to enhance production motorcycle and ATV performance. DR. D takes production machines the next step benefiting the customer with improved performance for their machine, application, riding ability, and conditions.