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About Us
Supermoto is a technician’s fun center!

Welcome to, the hub for Supermoto parts, gear, accessories, and advice for the newest evolution in two wheel riding. SupermotoPro is a subsidiary of MotoFrugals, Inc. (est. April 2000)

This site is dedicated to Supermoto products only. For other needs outside of supermoto, or products not shown in the site, please visit

We first threw our legs over supermoto mini bikes (CRF50s and KLX110s) in the summer of 03. We were hooked within minutes. Then, in the fall of 2005, I rode Cassidy Anderson’s supermoto bike on a shifter cart track near Tooele. I was scared to death of the pavement…..I heard it is harder and more violent than dirt. At the end of the day (without roadrash), we hatched the idea of spinning off a specialty store focused on supermoto only.

We aggressively seek the best products for you. We test and use these products ourselves. Please let us help you find the best set up to suit your needs. We are learning too as this sport develops.

Based in Utah, home of the Miller Motorsports Park, will help you trackside, help you over the phone, help you navigate our site, and keep the Supermoto bandwagon rolling forward.